Design Elements to Consider for Basement Finishing, Broomfield

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May 1, 2018
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Design Elements to Consider for Basement Finishing, Broomfield

If you have consulted a company for basement finishing, Broomfield, then you most likely have learned that the design components are an important consideration to achieve a perfect basement. That company probably had told you that these components should give these benefits: practicality, functionality, and aesthetics appeal.

So, what specifically are these design components/elements that should be considered when finishing a basement? Below are the non-negotiable items:

Theme. The theme or concept should be based upon the specific use of your basement. For instance, if the purpose is to make it a games area, then you need to specify what particular game elements should be placed inside your basement and if these elements can be put in there without a problem, practicality-wise.

Color. Changes in colors can change the mood. Therefore, you need to be more keen when it comes to color choices. Again, your theme plays an important role on this. Please note that light colors require more light to realize their potential. As a general rule, lean towards rich, deeply saturated paint colors. Of course, basements need not be painted with dark colors, but they should be richly saturated. A highly saturated, medium-toned turquoise will often perform better than a dark-tone gray paint. But then again, consider the very purpose of your basement finishing.

Lighting. This is another important element of a basement finishing, Broomfield, project. The right amount of light and placement cannot just improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the basement but also can work in your favor economic-wise. When planning for the lighting, consider both natural and indoor lightings. Natural lighting can help reduce electrical consumption by optimizing its use during the day. With that, you only need to consider indoor lighting installation to be used, generally, during night time.

Ventilation. Proper ventilation is an important factor not just for making your basement more comfortable (by achieving an ideal temperature) but also for optimizing the use of your HVAC unit. Proper ventilation is also important in keeping your basement dry; it helps avoid the accumulation of moisture, which can cause degradation of your basement and its components.

Space. When you are making a basement makeover for the first time, chances are that you make it jam packed with items that some of them might not even necessary. Remember, you make a basement improvement in order to provide added comfort to your family and guests; therefore, make it an ideal place by taking into account the space – breathable space that is.

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