Some Things to Consider for Basement Finishing, Denver

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July 7, 2018
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Some Things to Consider for Basement Finishing, Denver

It’s undeniable that more and more homeowners are now recognizing the fact that basement finishing, Denver contributes a lot not just to adding a functional space to a property but also in increasing its real estate value.This is why those who plan to put their property up for sale in the near future should consider basement finishing as one of the to-do list prior to selling.

If you are one of those who want to add a functional space in a property, make sure that you choose your contractor carefully. Doing so increases your chances of getting the best possible service on basement finishing, Denver. Having that said, it is imperative that these non-negotiable items below for basement finishing are carried out.

Drying it up first

Unfinished basements are usually damp or wet. Your contractor should make the space completely dry before starting the project. If not, it will ruin the overall quality of the work. Moist or water cannot just ruin the very foundation of your basement, it can also attract pests and termites that eat on wood.

Proper drainage system

Your basement is one part of your property that can be vulnerable to flooding considering its lower level location. Make sure that your contractor examine this issue thoroughly, ensuring that a proper drainage system is installed to prevent rainwater from coming in. Apart from that, it is important as well to consider some level of waterproofing. A flooded basement does not only give a fatal blow to the basement’s structure, it can also be hazardous to the dwellers.

Sealing the rim joist

Insulating rim joists (or the edge of the wood floor framing system) is also important as this area is a huge source of energy loss. You might be consuming more than the usual energy needed inside your property. It is important that your contractor does not miss this item when doing a basement finishing work. Insulating the rim joists will make the basement a good place to hangout. Plus, it can also help lower your electric bill.

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