Some Tips for a Professional Basement Remodel, Denver

Some Things to Consider for Basement Finishing, Denver
July 14, 2018
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July 24, 2018

Some Tips for a Professional Basement Remodel, Denver

With years of experience in basement remodeling service, there are things that we have proven to be effective in delivering a top-notch quality basement project. These things should be part of your checklist as you commence your basement remodel, Denver.

So what are these things that you should take into consideration? Here they are:

Be critical with the foundation. As you work with your contractor for your basement remodel, Denver, do not forget to examine the foundation of your basement thoroughly. Whether yours is a new build or an older home, the poured concrete foundation is susceptible to cracks and leaking. Make sure that any vulnerabilities discovered are fixed. Remember, even a small leak can cause more damage in the future if not attended to ASAP. Flood water, molds are the last thing you want to experience inside your basement.

Consider flexibility. You can make the most out of your basement if you design it in such a way that it becomes more flexible. In other words, you make it multifunctional. For instance, you can make it as an extension of your living room; and, with few modification, you can transform it as an entertainment area or a games area. Do not confine your design for a single purpose of your basement; make it multifunctional to make it more practical. The possibilities are endless.

Make use of subflooring. Here’s a truth about your basement flooring – it will continually release moisture. This moisture makes some parts of your basement damp and cold. To make your basement more comfortable, consider subflooring installation, which can significantly help in controlling moisture and temperature. The good thing about subflooring is that you can install finished flooring such as hardwood, laminate, tile over it. Not only that, subflooring can also withstand the weight of heavy furniture, like billiard tables and treadmills.

A basement that is usually used as a storage of no-longer-in-use items can be transformed into a more functional space. It provides extra space for practical use and at the same time, it gives more value to your property as a whole.

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